Death Retired: Complete Series Collection by Cate Lawley

Author: Cate Lawley

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Former soul collector Geoff and his possessed bobcat Clarence solve murder mysteries with the help of their magical neighbors in this complete series collection. Included:
Death Retires
Death's not taking a holiday, he's retired.
Or he was, until murder intrudes on his quiet retirement plans. Geoff's stalked by ghosts, and his former bosses have saddled him with the care of a possessed bobcat. With his beautiful neighbor Sylvie and his cat's help, can he solve a fiendish crime?
A Date With Death
First dates are killer.
Retired soul collector Geoff knows little of modern courting customs. Unfortunately, his best resource is a possessed bobcat with suspect views on women. But those problems pale when murder intrudes on Geoff and Sylvie’s first date.
Will our couple kill the date, or catch the killer together?
On the Street Where Death Lives
Skeletons in the closet…
The living have them, but what about ghosts? Geoff’s about to find out.
He’s convinced his ghostly neighbor Ginny was murdered. When he starts digging for answers, he unearths more than facts.
Join Geoff, his favorite bobcat Clarence, Sylvie, and a gang of supernatural misfits as they investigate murders, both past and present!
With a Little Bit of Death
Spelled into Silence
Before Clarence was a man possessing a bobcat, he was a murder victim. Now that he’s beginning to trust Geoff, he’s revealed a little of his background…and asked Geoff to find his murderer.
Geoff can either do the legwork himself or unlock the spell that keeps Clarence from telling anyone who hurt him.
What nefarious magic is meddling with Clarence’s free will and why?