Death Dealers (Boxed Set) by Mason Sabre

Author: Mason Sabre, Rachel Morton

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Begin this epic journey with Harper, Ethan and Logan as they face forces beyond their imaginations

Dead on Arrival

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before

Two bodies walk out of a morgue …

Harper Matthews is a Death Dealer. Not that she knows it. Her magic is dud; medicated out of her. At least she hopes so.

In her world, she’s a 25-year-old-girl whose life is already a mess. Between the boss, she can’t stand, the jerk she’s dating and the foul-mouthed slob who lives below her, she’s about ready to hide and never come out.

The thing is, she might just need to do that. When the body she is working on in the morgue gets up and walks out the door, Harper’s pretty sure she didn’t cause it,

Bounty hunter, Ethan Stone knows what Harper is, and he’s trying to help her. He has seen what is coming; who is looking for her. He knows, first-hand, what happens when a Magical denies what they are. If only she'd listen

Dead on Target

Everyone knows the legend of the disappearing hitchhiker....

Especially Harper Matthews. But that doesn't stop her picking up a stranger one rainy evening on a dark lonely road.

And no sooner does she have the strange man in her car than her world starts to tip itself upside down. First, she ends up being run off the road, then the stranger leads her miles off track, and then her car gets stuck in the mud. And, if that wasn't bad enough, the man vanishes without a trace, leaving her to find her way back, on foot, in the dark, through the woods, with only the shadows for company.

What more could possibly go wrong?

But let's not forget Ethan Stone--Bounty Hunter, friend and fellow Death Dealer. He knows things, and right about the time Harper is picking up the stranger, Ethan gets his own message and one he can't ignore--Harper just got herself in a whole load of trouble. In fact, she might just have walked into a world of chaos she wasn't ready to see.

Dead to Me

Some say death is final, but then there’s this one man …

It’s a normal Monday morning in Harper Matthew’s world. That is, until her ex turns up, and he’s got a job for her.

Raise business tycoon Eric Wolstenholme and ask him what he did with his last will and testament.

Easy, right?

Harper convinced herself it would be. Just go in, raise him, find out where the family’s fortune is, get paid, and go home.

But Eric has something to show her and maybe he didn’t die from natural causes. At least it doesn’t look that way. Then there’s the matter of the voice calling her from the other side, and somehow, Harper and her friends are discovering a whole world they don’t yet understand.


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