Author: L.B. Carter

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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***The complete internationally bestselling, award-winning upper YA Deadly Earth Omnibus with over 1000 pages featuring 3 full-length novels PLUS a brand-new, exclusive novella!***The Earth has turned on its inhabitants. Humanity is threatened. Storms, wildfires, droughts; our home planet has become the enemy. But a mysterious teen might hold the key to survival... if she herself can survive a tug-of-war over her unique abilities. Or can they come together to save the world crumbling around them?BOOK 1 – HOPE DROWNED: The waters of chaos are rising. It's time to sink or swim.BOOK 2 – TRUST BURNED: As the fire of fear spreads, some want to watch the world burn. BOOK 3 – LOVE DESERTED: In the arid wasteland of distrust, only the strong survive.NOVELLA – CALM THAWED: With the release of toxins, it's a fight for a breath of fresh air.Fans of the Maze Runner, the Hunger Games, and the movies The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 will get sucked into the gripping trilogy reviewers call unique and refreshing with dynamic characters, a smattering of romance, and twists and turns of edge-of-your-seat action, mystery and danger!????? "Refreshingly different from the usual YA/NA plotlines and very cleverly put together" -Award-winning author C.L. Monaghan????? "A riveting YA story woven with important topics, mystery, action-packed moments, and endearing characters." -Reader's Favorite