Dark Magic Enforcer (Boxed Set) by Al K. Line

Author: Al K. Line

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Books 1-4 of the Dark Magic Enforcer Series in a Stunning Digital Boxset
Full of magic, wizards, gangsters, vampires, imps, and some snappy dressing. All set in Wales. Yes, it's British Urban Fantasy! What's not to like?

Black Spark

I watched in horror as dark magic sprang from my hand faster than an imp after your socks. I didn’t know my name, let alone that I had such power. The man was dead. I panicked. I ran.

How was I to know I was a dark magic enforcer, tasked with keeping magic hidden from the world? Yeah, total noob move, I know.

But my memory is returning, and the Hidden have given me twenty-four hours to make amends. Cover it up. Finish the job I was given, or else. Failure isn’t an option. Well, it is, but I like me, and I like being alive.

The clock is ticking as I battle to make things right and exact revenge on those that took so much from me. Easier said than done as I deal with angry mages, bitey zombies, oversexed imps, creepy necromancers, and grumpy trolls—and those are just my friends!—all while trying to stop myself falling in love with my best friend, Kate, who just so happens to be a hot vampire.

I’m Faz Pound, a.k.a. Black Spark, Dark Magic Enforcer, and time is running out.

At least I have my looks. For now.

Evil Spark

I'd had less than a week to recover from an incident that left me half-dead. My body was battered and bruised in ways I can't even begin to describe.

Dark magic use had consumed me, spat me out a husk of a man. I was little more than flesh and bone, weary to my very soul.

So, of course, there was a knock at the door.

My smile faded, happy face turning to tears, as Kate—a gorgeous vampire and the woman I lust over at every available opportunity—told me the news. Dark magic came to me as my eyes snapped to black and my tattoos felt fit to burst with the energy they channeled.

I'll tear apart hell itself to get at anyone or anything that dares hurt the people I care about.

Things are about to get nasty.

New Spark

Take one wizard—that's me—add a hot female vampire, give them a nice place in the country and what do you get? Paradise. Heaven on earth.

So, of course, someone decided to go spoil it. No, it wasn't me, not this time.

The Hidden world is in chaos, and apparently I'm the one that's supposed to deal with it!

Smart trolls, even smarter vampires—and not the nice ones like Kate—witches on the rampage, inebriated gremlins, and imps intent on causing nuclear Armageddon, they have all combined to ruin my perfect life. I'm not even going to mention the chicken.

Well, I'm Faz Pound… Okay, you know the rest by now! If they want trouble I'll give it to them.

Guilty Spark

I'd been gone for a year, incarcerated in a Hidden prison. The verdict was guilty, punishment death.

Invoking the Law, I've got my freedom until my sentence is carried out. Three days then I'm history. Gone, not even a memory. Wiped from the collective consciousness.

Magic drives me on as I try to right so many wrongs committed in the name of justice.

The vamps are mad, everyone's acting weird, I've got to clear my name, and nobody seems to believe I don't know what to do. Panic makes me act irrationally as the hours slip away and I become increasingly frantic.

If it wasn't for Kate, and the need to help my nearest and dearest, I'd have let the Council put me out of my misery. But I'm alive, and I uncover information that ensures I'll do whatever it takes to remain that way. I just have to avoid getting crushed, bitten, beaten, eaten, or zapped with the dark arts.

I should have stayed in prison...

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