Author: Mary Stone

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Jealousy is evil. Greed is deadly.

When a young man is found hanging inside a barn, it seems like an open-and-shut suicide. But the boy in question is none other than Bryce Mowery, son and only heir of the richest family in Savannah, and Bryce’s father is claiming foul play. Much to her chagrin, Detective Charli Cross is sent to investigate and appease the farm and real estate magnate.But soon, it’s no longer a question of if Bryce was killed, but by who. The Mowerys have made plenty of enemies in town, but why would anyone want to kill the happy-go-lucky playboy? As Charli and her partner Matthew delve deeper into the cutthroat world of land development, the killer is waiting. Not only does he like to play games, but he’s covering his tracks . . . and he’s developed a taste for murder.

Fast-paced and gripping,

Dark Greed

is the second book in the Charli Cross series from bestselling author Mary Stone—guaranteed to make you reconsider keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

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