Damaging Evidence by Al Macy

Author: Al Macy

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Attorney Garrett Goodlove never thought he'd prosecute a medical malpractice case. Doctors swear an oath to help people, and those cases are usually honest mistakes blown up by ambulance chasers.

But when he learns of a woman bodybuilder who went into the ER with a case of heartburn and came out in a wheelchair, he starts paying attention. It appears the doctor who saw her frequently orders open-heart surgery for patients who don't need it, sometimes leading to disability or death. And the doc knows exactly what he's doing. Garrett is convinced: The surgeon must be stopped.

Teaming up with his daughter, a new law school graduate, Garrett must clear the reputation of their prime witness while battling the doctor's team of elite attorneys who are always one step ahead. The expenses are adding up, but it's too late to back out.

If he doesn't prevail, not only will the surgeon continue harming patients to line his pockets, but Goodlove's law firm will be forced into bankruptcy.

Damaging Evidence may be enjoyed as a standalone book or as part of the Goodlove and Shek series.