Author: Luanne Bennett

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Deal starts: June 20, 2022

Deal ends: June 20, 2022


Got a burglar problem? Call the police. Got a ruthless god problem? Call in the dragon.

MagicInk isn’t your average tattoo shop—it’s a mecca for the weird and unusual.

Katie Bishop keeps her head low and goes about her business like any other mundane citizen of Savannah. But the dragon tattoo on her back since birth isn’t ink at all—it’s her reality.

She owns a tattoo shop at the edge of town, but the people who work at MagicInk are more than just employees—they’re family. So, when she makes a grave mistake and accidentally frees a rogue god imprisoned in an old grimoire, she’ll do whatever it takes to rectify that problem before the city falls. Even if the ultimate price is her death.

As if running a business and hunting a ruthless god isn’t enough of a challenge, Jackson Hunter rides into town and blows everything to hell. But just like her, he isn’t what he seems. Will he help or hinder the hunt?