Author: Frank E.

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Nowadays we hear very often about criminology, serial killers and heinous murders. We hear about them on the news, cinema, literature, video games; the serial murderer has now polarized a good part of the media expression. Who has never heard of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, or Dexter Morgan? And who has never seen an episode of CSI? But how much truth is there? How do serial killers act? How do they choose their victims? And why do they kill? Do investigation techniques really work as we see in TV shows? These questions find their answers in this book, perfect for anyone who wants to approach the study of this discipline. The first six chapters deal with the origins of criminology, the analysis of the different categories of serial killers and the numerous investigation techniques used during the crime scene analysis. The remaining four chapters focus on the analysis of the phenomenon of satanic sects: the mental manipulation techniques used by sects, how they choose their victims and their influence on society and young people. Good reading!