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Are you interested in starting to use your Cricut machine, but you don’t know how to begin? If yes, this is the right book for you. Cricut is a home die-cutting machine that can be used for various art or craft work or projects like scrapbooking and textiles. The first and original Cricut cutting machine was invented in the year 2006 to give crafters a very easy way to create professional-looking papercrafts with a handmade feel. In 2014 the inventors wanted another machine so capable that it could inspire many more people to lead creative lives. They created new tools and technologies, simplified the initial and original software, and added thousands of new project possibilities. The result was the Cricut Maker. In time, the company has released many versions of its die-cutting machine as its popularity among crafters has soared. The versatility and effectiveness of Cricut machines make them popular with die-cutting options. That's why, particularly when you're a professional crafter, you need a Cricut machine. If you're a newbie, you'll find the best cutting machine multi-functional and easy to use.Cricut may seem complicated at first, but there is a lot you can do with this machine – and a lot that you can get out of it. If you feel confused by Cricut, then take your time, get familiar with the buttons, and start having fun with it.Whether you like to make things from scratch or begin with things that have already been designed, your Cricut machine and Design Space software work together to make design easier.This book covers the following topics:? The Cricut machine? Cricut tools and accessory? Materials? Projects? Make money with Cricut…And much more Ready to learn how to master your Cricut machine? Click here to buy the book!