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Are you sick and tired of having to postpone the realization of your projects just because your credit score is insufficiently assessed by who should give you credit? It isn’t time to reverse this situation?Each of us, in a difficult moment in our financial life, has run into an unfavorable credit situation. What makes the difference is how quickly we got back on our feet.That is precisely what this guidebook is going to help you with. You may have heard that bad credit repair is impossible or illegal, nothing is more wrong: a bad credit report can be repaired, if you know how to do it, and it doesn’t take months. Using a lawyer or a specialized company is certainly a winning choice in this topic, but it can be useless if you are totally ignorant on the subject and do not have the faintest idea of ??how the credit score universe works.This guide is the starting point you need to improve your credit situation right away. Only by acquiring the fundamentals you will be able to understand what actions to take, what behaviors to stop immediately and what is the path that will lead you to get the money you need in the right way to achieve your goals.With the help of this book, you'll learn about: What are FICO score and FICO assessment How and when to use bankruptcy When debt collections is useful to improve credit score Credit cards: how to manage and when to eliminate A simple strategy to pay down your debt that works EVER General advice to see success with section 609 A complete set of dispute letters ready to be usedStop worrying about your debt and take the way to master them. Click to buy now!