Author: David Viergutz

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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When darkness falls, evil rises…

John’s life is a living nightmare. Any chance of digging himself out of the abyss disintegrated long ago.

Fired, discredited, buried under crippling debt, and isolated in a west-Texas ghost-town, he’s both a pariah and a wanted man.

Under an investigation for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s quickly running out of allies, and even more rapidly, losing his grip on reality.

Late at night, long after the lights have gone out, it’s there. He doesn’t know where it is and what it wants with him. It lurks in the shadows, biding its time before it strikes. It beckons him. If he heeds its demands, he has no way of knowing what awaits him.

If he ignores it, the outcome may be worse – far worse…