Author: David Huebner

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Jada Zane, wealthy, beautiful, soon to be married and the owner of Zane Cosmetics, is about to meet a terrible fate. She’s still healthy however, when Evan Coleman, the sheriff of Saguaro County, meets her and her entourage at their camp high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. For Evan, his wife Cheree; his friend, Buster Alexander and Buster’s wife, Amy, it’s a short, late-summer getaway, but for Jada and the rest of her party, it’s the beginning of the end. The mountain setting appears idylic, but there are savage mountain lions and much worse, lurking in the background just beyond the flickering light of the campfire.
And then there’s Jenna, Jada’s mysterious, long lost sister. What does she want and why has she returned home at this particular time? Jada has given her a future at Zane Cosmetics, but she also has a past that includes two abandoned children and a nefarious Russian lover wanted by the FBI and the British Secret Service. It seems he’s in hiding somewhere, and even Jenna is more than a little concerned with his whereabouts. Even though she no longer needs or wants him, he’s not type to just go away.
Ride with Evan, Buster, and Cheree as they sort out the living and the dead and even more complicated, the motives and plans of the living.