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"Not since first reading Stephen Covey...have I read such a life-changing, inspiring business book....A brilliant book and one I recommend to every single business owner and entrepreneur." —N.N. Light, Top 500 Amazon ReviewerFor more than 25 years, Domenic Aversa has worked as a crisis manager and corporate restructuring professional. He has advised and operated small and middle-market companies in 45 different industries and worked through every possible extreme with his clients, including coup attempts in developing countries, the bust, 9/11, Ponzi schemes, corrupt bankers, and the Great Recession. In Corporate Undertaker: Business Lessons from the Dead and Dying, he shares his best advice for dealing with adversity and crisis.There are 50 practical lessons in this book; all designed to help you take immediate action. You’ll learn how to:dramatically improve cash-flow through a period of crisispreserve the most value in your company while restructuringcreate emotional stability in and around your companyeffectively communicate with your bank and investorsretain key employees and critical customersmanage and restructure current debt with all creditorsaddress potential and existing lawsuitsprepare for a bankruptcy filingeffectively manage a partial liquidation or sale of a businessrecover from a “corporate death”If you’re looking for answers in today’s tumultuous business environment, Corporate Undertaker has them.