Author: Alec Nethercott

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Have you ever felt stuck as a leader? What if the one thing holding you back was the very thing holding your team back? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the many philosophies of great leadership?

Many strive for a management role, but very few actually get good at it once they’re in the position. Most tend to overinvest in sales and recruiting while underinvesting in developing quality leaders. They fail to understand that the deficiencies of the leader are acting as a kink in the hose on the results of the team. You don’t have a sales problem; you have a leadership problem! The tools in this book help readers identify their deficiencies in a positive, constructive way so they can overcome them to unlock their full leadership potential.

Alec Nethercott has been a student and practitioner of leadership for two decades. Over the course of building a company with 400+ employees, he learned valuable (albeit painful) lessons along the way. Written from his experiences and research, Core-4 Leadership: The Master Formula for Sales Managers and Potential Leaders contains a proven methodology for developing the best leadership possible for maximum results. Some of the principles recounted came as breakthroughs at a time Nethercott needed them most.

He is passionate about the lessons in his book, and he is beyond excited to share them with others. Readers, you are in for inspiring stories, aha moments and relevant content that will help get you unstuck and feeling confident in your career.