Author: Tom Albrighton

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Copywriting is writing with purpose.

It’s about using words to reach people and change what they think, feel and do.

This easy-to-read guide will teach you all the essentials of copywriting, from understanding products, readers and benefits to closing the sale.

It’s packed with real-life examples that will show you exactly how the ideas and techniques will work in the real world. And with dozens of useful illustrations and diagrams, Copywriting Made Simple shows you the ideas that other books just talk about.

Plus there's a whole chapter of handy tips on writing ads, websites, broadcast media, direct mail, social media and print.

Copywriting Made Simple is the perfect introduction to copywriting today. No wonder it hit the #1 spot in Marketing & Sales at Amazon UK, Canada and Australia, and is featured on the BA Advertising course at the University for the Creative Arts.

What you’ll learn…

Understand the product and its benefits

Pinpoint how the product helps people.Turn features into benefits and seek out USPs. Identify tangible and intangible benefits.

Get to know your reader

Uncover your reader’s inner fears and desires. Use empathy to get inside the reader’s feelings. Decide how your copy will change how they think, feel or act. Capture your aims in the brief.

Engage the reader in your message

Talk to the reader and make your copy more like a conversation. Use the same words that the reader uses. Bring the product to life with rich, sensory language. Make your copy active, positive and specific.

Craft compelling copy

Learn eight proven formulas for enticing headlines. Choose a rock-solid structure. Create powerful calls to action.

Use 20 proven strategies for creative copy

Show the product in a new light. Use humour, wordplay, metaphors and contrasts. Turn weakness into strength.

Make persuasion and psychology work for you

Learn the six proven principles of persuasion. Overcome the reader’s objections. Exploit cognitive biases to nudge the reader into action.

What industry experts say…

'Where was this book when I started copywriting? A must for every newbie copywriter (and a few old copy dogs too).'Kate Toon, Co-host of the Hot Copy Podcast

'Impressively thorough without ever losing its rhythm. Deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the copywriting classics.'Ryan Wallman, author of Delusions of Brandeur

‘Tom’s put a lifetime of learning into this book.’Dave Trott, Creative legend, agency founder and author of Creative Mischief, One and One Make Three and Predatory Thinking

‘From insights gleaned from NLP and psychology to real-world examples of great, effective copy - this is educational, entertaining and energetic. Prepare to dig deep, enjoy and see your results skyrocket!’ Katherine Wildman, Host, The Writing Desk

‘Tom has written the best all-round introduction to copywriting available today.’ Leif Kendall, Director of ProCopywriters, copywriter and author of Brilliant Freelancer

‘I didn’t think you could teach copywriting. Turns out, @tomcopy can. What a terrific book.’Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity