Coppertown by C. L. Howland

Author: C. L. Howland

Category: Romance Books

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“A bird and a fish may fall in love, but where would they live?”
In 1898 Boston society, Josephine Shipton's bicycle riding is scandalous, but her arrest is intolerable. Exiled to rural Vermont, instead of the planned ostracism, the heiress finds opportunity and new experiences. Free of societal constraints and her overbearing stepmother, Josephine discovers not only a fascination with the medical profession, but a passion to help others. This passion turns to something deeper when she tends a seriously injured miner.
Braxton Beaumont was a handsome child of the streets—who grew to a man savvy enough to use that attractiveness to his advantage...amassing a fortune along the way. But when he strides into the Coppertown, posing as a miner, neither his wealth nor strength can save him when the mine collapses.
Josephine and Braxton hail from different worlds. But neither social rank nor circumstances can stop the swell of sensations as old as time. Even if they surrender to this ill-fated love, will there ever be a place in society for the millionaire and the miner?