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Kids in this generation have been taught they can live without home cooking. Many have likely seldom if ever eaten a home-cooked meal. But, while you can "survive" without cooking at home, living is more than surviving. Living is best done in the healthiest state of mind and body.
Introducing Cooking Breakfast with Kids, an easy-to-use cookbook which will help you help your children learn their way around the kitchen.
In addition to 50 recipes, Cooking Breakfast with Kids offers:
?10 bonus lunch box ideas
?Essential rules for safe behavior in the kitchen
?Table of Kitchen Mathematics: American and Metric Values and Conversions
?Know the quantity of servings with every recipe
?Each recipe denotes the number of ingredients required
?Know the time for preparation and cooking of each dish
You want the best for your kids, so you should familiarize them with the kitchen and meal preparation as soon as they start making conversation and moving around the house. You'll be surprised by what little kids can do! If you give your children the opportunity, they will not only live up to your expectations, but they will exceed them. Spend quality time with the ones you love while teaching them invaluable life skills.
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