Author: Wilma Sossaman

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Imagine, getting recipes from decades past and making them now. Will you discover a vintage recipe that will make everyone think you are the greatest cook ever? Maybe it is that Raisin Pie recipe that will knock the socks off of everyone.One reader states: "Cookies, Cakes and Pies, Oh My" offers simple recipes for some of my favorite treats when I was a little boy. This cookbook is a treasure that Wilma Sossaman discovered in her grandmother's old truck. It's a must for anyone who wishes they could go back to the "good old days" when life was simple and a trip to grandma's house always smelled of fresh baked cookies and pies. You won't find any high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, or artificial ingredients in Grandma Annie's recipes. This is the real thing for desserts and a must if you like cookies, cakes, muffins or pies”The cookie, cake and pie recipes, when baked, will bring back wonderful memories of your own upbringing. Just reading the cake recipes, you can smell the wonderful aroma of it baking. The recipes are exactly as they were written in the original hand-written book by Wilma’s Grandmother, and only if necessary, the language was changed to make it clearer.Table of Contents:I.IntroductionII.CakesIII.Muffins, Nut Bread and GingerbreadIV.BarsV.CookiesVI.DonutsVII.PiesVIII.Relishes/ConservesIX.CandyTreat your loved ones and yourself to Sunshine Cake, Sponge Cake, Feather Cake, Raisin Pie, and many other dishes prepared the way they should always be prepared, and with lots of love.Don't settle for the modernized version; stick with the Cookies, Cakes & Pies, Vintage Recipes from1917. Don't we all love recipes from our grandmother?