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"Control Your Clutter!" is a book that is going to show you how to gain control of the clutter in your house so you can reclaim a calm, stress-free life. The method in this book works even if you are a hoarder! For the person with just a little clutter to an all out pack rat who hasn’t thrown anything away for thirty years, this book has the solution to your problem. Do you hide and stay away from the windows when someone is knocking at your door? Do you have to clear away a place to sit when your family comes to visit? Even if the last time you saw your floor was ten years ago, this book will work for you! Even the person who faces eviction due to their hoarding ways will be able to follow these steps and dig themselves out of their situation. In this book, I am going to give instructions about how to deal with your clutter. Surprisingly, I am not going to tell you to get rid of everything. I come from a very poor background, and I must tell you that I understand hanging on to something in case you need it again. After all, it doesn't make sense to throw something out and then turn around and buy it again the next time you need it. I am going to ask you to make some hard decisions about whether or not you really need each item you come across. As usual, you will either donate the stuff you don't need, sell it, or throw it in the trash if it has no value. But I am going to give you the option to organize the things you can't part with so that they are no longer clutter even if you keep them. This book breaks all of the barriers a person has to getting their life back in order. Because I allow you to choose to keep your possessions, it helps take away the fear of losing everything. It will help you be able to let go of more things during the process and then rationalize getting rid of more things you saved after a generous period of time. It is similar to pulling the band-aid off slowly. Whatever your relationship is with your possessions, this book will be able to help you reclaim your home and your life! If you don’t read this book now, where will you be next week, next month or next year? I promise this method is the least painful way I know to gain control of your clutter.