Author: Daniel I Stein

Category: History, Politics and Culture

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Take control of your fear.

This book isn’t going to help you stop worrying about climate change. We should all be worrying.

This book will give you the tools to transform all of your negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress into positive actions that prepare you for the future, and help you make a real difference.

In this book you will discover:

How to prepare for the 10 most likely climate-related emergenciesMethods to talk about climate change with friends and familyThe top 5 effective and easy ways to reduce your carbon footprintHow to sidestep frustrating climate debates and actually change people’s mindsWhich organizations you can join or support that are already making a differenceA comprehensive set of preparation, emergency planning, and mental health resourcesAnd so much more…

If you feel like you’ve given up on tomorrow, accepted the fact that it’s already too late, or resigned yourself to life worse off than the generations before, this book is for you. Find out how to stop worrying about what could happen, and take a stand for your future without sacrificing what you still have today.

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