Conjuring a Coroner Box Set: Books 1–3 by S.C. Stokes

Author: S.C. Stokes

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Some rules are made to be broken; others will just get you killed.
Born a witch, I went into forensics so that I could use my talents to close cases. This worked great in the morgue, but I’ve just been transferred to active duty at the 9th Precinct, and doing magic in front of normals is strictly forbidden.
It’s the sort of thing the Arcane Council will kill you for.
Unfortunately, bodies are turning up fast, and with each passing day, I have to face the deadly truth. There is a serial killer working the streets of New York, and I don’t think he’s human.
What’s more, I can’t escape the fact that the victims have more in common with me, than they do each other. A fact my partner, Detective Bishop, hasn’t missed either.
With the killer closing in fast, I’m going to need every shred of my magic just to stay alive. The problem is, if Bishop catches me, I’m as good as dead.
Fans of Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, and Ilona Andrews will enjoy curling up with this binge-worthy series. Discover Kasey Chase, a daring and sassy witch whom you will adore.
This Box Set contains:
- Dying to Meet You - ASIN - B078HC2VTV
-Life is for the Living - ASIN - B07B62N8TV
-When Death Knocks - ASIN - B07CQ571L2
If you love action-packed Urban Fantasy adventures, you don’t want to miss this killer read. Scroll up and in one-click you'll be getting lost in this new world.
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