Author: Andy Maslen

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Who sews a young girl into a suicide vest?A young girl detonates her suicide vest on a crowded London bus. Ex-SAS covert agent Gabriel Wolfe hunts the man who gave the order. His target is a psychopathic cult leader with a taste for classical music, fine wine and extreme violence. Gabriel must also face a sadistic Colombian cartel boss nicknamed “The Baptist”.Lost and alone in the cult's compound in the Brazilian rainforest, Gabriel is tortured and brainwashed by “Père Christophe” and fitted with his own suicide bomb.With the stakes raised to breaking point, Gabriel needs to draw on all his training and resources to avoid obliterating a crowd of civilians at the launch of a new power station before returning to confront the man he came to kill.This edge-of-your-seat action thriller is the third full-length outing for Andy Maslen’s “hero among us”, Gabriel Wolfe. Condor combines heart-stopping action with nightmarish scenes of psychological breakdown.DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF CONDOR NOW