Author: Virgo Girl

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Symone Devereaux is a young, beautiful and successful marketing executive, so why is she stuck in a dead end relationship with a cocky, womanizing, cheater? After deciding to give him one last chance, she's hoping that their relationship will get back on track. Unfortunately Chance Taylor has no plans on changing his ways. She leans on his twin brother Chase, who happens to be her dear friend and co-worker, for support until one night changes everything. Will their relationships survive? Will life long loyalties be broken? Will love find a way?

Chase Taylor has been having bad luck in the romance department, so he's taking a much needed break from relationships. Deciding to focus on his career and putting the past behind him, he's on the road to a successful marketing career. He's always been fond of his brothers girlfriend Symone and doesn't understand why she puts up with him. He's managed to stay out of their business but has been a shoulder for her to cry on. Will mistaken identity be the life changing event that flips everyone's world upside down?

Lines are crossed, Loyalties are's Complicated!