Author: Michelle J. Griffin

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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? Is your life not what you want it to be?? Are you searching for a book that can help you to find happyness and wellness?HERE IT IS! LEARN HOW TO ACHIEVE ALL FORMS OF WELLNESSThis book focuses on practicing healthy habits that will help you improve your physical and mental state. By taking time to learn about wellness in all aspects (maybe while sipping a cup of tea), you will be able to live a healthy and fulfilling life. ? This book touches all aspects of wellness; that is the physical, emotional, social, environmental, intellectual, occupational, financial and spiritual aspect of wellness individually so that readers will have the incredible experience of connecting to their selves in the deepest way to create balance in their life.Drawing on information from research and her own personal experiences and opinions, Michelle J. Griffin creates an educative book for people who worry about their wellbeing. this beautiful book will help readers reflect on their past choice and work on their personal growth by figuring out the wellness aspects they have flourished in and the ones that they have ignored.What readers will reach from this book includes but is not limited to a sample wellness plan, clear instructions to help you successfully achieve all forms of wellness, information on the benefits of all aspects of wellness, comparisons of how some forms of wellness are intertwined, motivation quotes from different genres and a scientific, fun and logical written manual on how to guide your wellness growth.? Are you ready to begin a new life? ? are you ready for your new positive mindset?So make the first step, get this book!