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Communicating with a senior executive is probably not something you do every day, and you're probably glad about that. Whether by phone, e-mail, or in person, communicating with a senior executive can be a daunting and stressful challenge. But it can also be an incredible opportunity to get your point across, influence decisions, and establish yourself as someone with value to contribute. It's an opportunity you'll want to make the most of.Given what's at stake, it's critical that you prepare this communication properly and professionally. Doing this will not only impress the senior executive, it will maximize your chances of successfully achieving the goal of the communication.Proper preparation begins with considering the characteristics and drivers that influence a senior executive's decision-making. You also need to be clear about the parameters of your communication. What is it you want to communicate? What are you trying to achieve?If your communication is going to succeed, you also need to follow certain other principles. For example, your message must be to the point and relevant. It must correspond to the executive's personality and decision-making style. And you need to be on top of the financial and customer implications of what you're saying.This course will help you shape and clarify your communications with senior executives. It will outline the principles to follow and present some very important tips on building credibility with senior executives. These principles and tips are all crucial to ensure that you're taken seriously.Finally, this course will provide detailed guidance on how best to approach and plan your meetings with senior executives. Overall, the course will help you make your communications with senior executives more productive and beneficial to all concerned.Does the idea of communicating with senior executives in your company make your heart race, give you chills of terror, or make your mind go completely blank? Communication isn't everybody's strength, but in business, having the skills to effectively communicate your ideas to senior executives will make you a better manager.You probably know there's a big difference between a meeting and chatting with a senior executive in the parking lot. Or between presenting a new idea to senior executives and reporting on how your project is progressing.You must be prepared to communicate with senior executives in both formal and informal settings. You'll also explore different communication platforms like presentations, e-mail, phone calls, and elevator pitches, and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then you'll be able to use what you've learned to choose the most appropriate platform to deliver your message.You'll also learn how to adapt your approach for different purposes depending on what you're trying to achieve with your communication. The purpose of your communication may be to report, propose, or make a request. But whatever your purpose, this course will teach you appropriate principles and guidelines to follow so you get your message across effectively.