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Are you interested in coin collecting, but don’t know anything, and don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a Coin Collecting Guide for Beginners to buy for your children and grandchildren to share with them this fascinating and educational hobby?

If so, stop here and keep on reading because, whatever the reason that made you start collecting rare coins, you’re in the right place!

People usually start collecting coins as a hobby. Others may start a collection for historical interests rather than artistic interests. Some people collect coins only for investment purposes, such as gold or silver coins.

The numismatic is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of collecting. Collecting coins means collecting precious documents of the history of man and his art, stimulating one’s desire to know, traveling in space and time.

In this Ultimate and Complete Guide for Beginners, you and every other newbie will find everything you have to know about coin collecting: what it is, where you can get coins, how to protect your collection, etc.