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Do you feel that your negative emotions are blocking you and not making you happy? Would you like to finally understand where they come from and how to manage your emotional reactions? How can you avoid feeling down all the time?

The truth is: We all experience the occasional negative thought. But if you always feel overwhelmed, you need to examine closely how these thoughts negatively impact your lifestyle.

The solution is to practice specific techniques that can change your thoughts and your way of thinking. With these changes, you have all the essential tools to manage life challenges.

CBT assumes that there is a close relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Scientific research has shown that our emotional and behavioral reactions are determined by how we interpret situations.Example: two people are in bed waiting to fall asleep when suddenly they hear a noise. One of them, a little annoyed, turns away and tries to go back to sleep; the other gets worried and gets out of bed and heads alarmed towards the place of origin of the noise. What explains these two different behaviors in response to the same event? You can find the answer in this book.

You will learn:

What is CBT and the 11 Principal TechniquesWhat are Mindsets, Beliefs, and Values and How They Impact Your Way of ThinkingIdentify Your Thought Pattern and How You Can Change ThemThe 5 Most Common AnxietyManage Emotion and MoodsThe 2 Best Exercises to Improve Your Positive ThinkingInstall new good Behaviors and Create New Life Objective Without Lose MotivationThe 7 Basics for Creating Your Action PlanAll the Tricks to Get Results and the Errors to avoid

"Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook" contains simple exercises that will positively impact your mindset and habits. Instead of just telling you to do something, the book provides practical, science-backed actions that can create lasting change if practiced regularly.

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