Author: Gin Jones and Elizabeth Ashby

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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From USA Today bestselling authors Gin Jones & Elizabeth Ashby...For quilt appraiser Keely Fairchild, the opportunity to appraise more than a hundred quilts feels almost too good to be true. And then she learns the bad news: the quiltmaker was murdered and the police have no leads. Keely suspects that the quilts hold the key to the dead woman's death as well as to her life. While looking for answers in the quilts, Keely uncovers a variety of suspects, including the greedy heir, a smarmy used-car salesman, a feuding neighbor, and even a rival quiltmaker. As if this project weren't enough to complicate Keely's quiet life, she's also under a short deadline to find new meeting space for the quilters' guild and she's running out of time to decide whether to let charming local reporter Matt Viera into her life. Of course, those other problems may not matter if the quiltmaker's killer strikes again, this time to prevent Keely from finding the clues in the calico.Note: This novel was previously published under the title Robbing Peter to Kill Paul"I am a frequent visitor to Danger Cove, and eager to stay for a long time. Clever and Engaging Fun!"~ Kings River Life MagazineThe Danger Cove books:Secret of the Painted Lady (book #1)Murder & Mai Tais (book#2)Death by Scones (book #3)Patchwork of Death (book #4)Deadly Dye & a Soy Chai (book #5)Killer Clue at the Ocean View (book #6)A Christmas Quilt to Die For (book #7)A Killing in the Market (short story in the "Killer Beach Reads" collection)Killer Colada (book #8)Passion, Poison & Puppy Dogs (book #9)A Novel Death (book #10)Clues in Calico (book #11)Sinister Snickerdoodles (book #12)Hurricanes & Heroes (book #13)A Death in the Flower Garden (book #14)Divas, Diamonds & Death (book #15)A Slaying in the Orchard (book #16)A Secret in the Pumpkin Patch (book #17)Deadly Dirty Martinis (book #18)A Poison Manicure & Peach Liqueur (book #19)Not-So-Bright Hopes (short story in the "Pushing Up Daisies" collection)Tequila Trouble (book #20)Deadly Thanksgiving Sampler (book #21)Killer Eyeshadow & a Cold Espresso (book #22)Two Sleuths Are Better Than One (book #23)Dark Rum Revenge (book #24)Cozy Room With a Killer View (book #25)Rating: This book does not contain any graphic sex, violence or swearing. It's rating is similar to a PG-13 movie or network television show.