Author: Heide Goody, Iain Grant

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Getting fired can ruin a day…

…especially when you were the Prince of Hell.

Will Satan survive in English suburbia?

Corporate life can be a soul draining experience, especially when the industry is Hell, and you’re Lucifer. It isn’t all torture and brimstone, though, for the Prince of Darkness, he’s got an unhappy Board of Directors.

The numbers look bad.

They want him out.

Then came the corporate coup.

Banished to mortal earth as Jeremy Clovenhoof, Lucifer is going through a mid-immortality crisis of biblical proportion. Maybe if he just tries to blend in, it won’t be so bad.

He’s wrong.

If it isn’t the murder, cannibalism, and armed robbery of everyday life in Birmingham, it’s the fact that his heavy metal band isn’t getting the respect it deserves, that’s dampening his mood.

And the archangel Michael constantly snooping on him, doesn’t help.

If you enjoy clever writing, then you’ll adore this satirical tour de force, because a good laugh can make you have sympathy for the devil.

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