Author: Sally Fernandez

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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After resigning her post at the States Intelligence Agency, Maxine Ford declares her independence as she bursts onto the Washington scene as a private investigator.
She displays her usual no-holds-barred style, showing no obeisance to the elite politicians.
Right out of the starting gate, she finds herself in the cauldron of mystery, murder, and mayhem. All of her clients are warned to prepare themselves for the all costs.

??? In Climatized, Max is hired by the wife of a prominent senator to determine the cause of his untimely death.
It leads her to discover that three world-renowned scientists had been killed days before they were scheduled to testify before the late senator's investigative committee. Meanwhile, a fourth scientist has gone missing. Max determined he is the key to unearthing the motives behind the deaths. Following the many twists and turns, Max and her associate, Jackson Monroe uncover a powerful organization responsible for the killings. Cogent evidence is provided to the president, forcing him to make a crucial decision--to cover up a diabolical plot--or bring down a multi-trillion-dollar world-wide economy.