Cin d’Rella and the Water of Life by S.J. West

Author: S.J. West

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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When Cin lost her father, she thought her world had been torn apart. Little did she know it was just the beginning of her story…
Being the sole heir to the d’Rella family fortune placed a target on Cin’s back that she wasn’t prepared to deal with at the age of ten. Luckily for her, she had a mysterious godfather looking out for her best interests who whisked her away from her selfish step-family and helped Cin discover her true destiny as a Thorn within the formidable Circle of the Rose.
Thorns are an elite fighting force trained at an early age to protect Briar Rose and search for a way to awaken her from a seemingly eternal slumber. The city of Briardale has been cut off from the rest of the world for a hundred years by a spell no one seems to be able to break. Only by finding a cure to awaken Briar Rose will the city be released from the magical curse and its citizens allowed to rejoin the world of Faloria.
Her mission is clear until a chance encounter with the dashing Coltan Prince turns her world upside down. For decades, his family has been sabotaging the Thorns’ efforts to awaken Briar Rose. Although Cin knows Coltan is the enemy, she is inexplicably charmed by him. When Coltan goes to the Thorns with information about the whereabouts of the fabled Water of Life, Cin must decide if she can trust a man she has been taught to hate.