Christmas at Castle Dunrannoch by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Author: Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Category: Romance Books

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“The curse is upon us! Beware the bagpipes! Each clansman shall meet his death!”
Whenever the fearsome fetch of Camdyn Dalreagh, first chieftain, plays a ghostly rendition on the bagpipes, a death is close at hand... so legend goes.

But is the story of the curse really true?

Through the ages, Castle Dunrannoch has been a place of intrigue, ambition, and more than the occasional murder!

As the Christmas snow falls deep, our two intrepid heroines, Flora and Ursula, face danger within the ancient fortress walls.
Can they discover the truth before their loved ones meet a grisly end?

Two things are certain.
No lionhearted lady can turn a blind eye when there is a mystery to be solved.
And no laird's heart is safe when our heroines sweep into action.

'Christmas at Castle Dunrannoch' features two stories from the 'Lady's Guide' series:
The Lady’s Guide to a Highlander's Heart
The Lady's Guide to Mistletoe and Mayhem

Heat level : passionate

Discover more in 'The Lady's Guide' series: historical romance brimming with adventure, mystery and intrigue.
Each can be read as a 'stand alone' and in any order.

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The Lady’s Guide to Deception and Desire
The Lady’s Guide to Escaping Cannibals

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