Author: Elin Wyn and Star Huntress

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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It was just another mission. Until she was thrust into his arms. And now everything has changed...
Suppressing the rebellion on Crucible should have been just another mission for Commander Nic Vistuv and the men of his unit. But lies and misinformation plague their mission from the beginning.

The only way out of their predicament may lie in the form of a bribe, but this bribe is different. It’s wrapped in the body of a young healer, battle-scarred and broken by a deep betrayal.

And her touch is enough to bring him to very edge of control.

As secrets unravel and enemies draw nearer, Adena may be the key to understanding the truth of Crucible.

Can a wounded healer and an embittered soldier come to trust each other in time to forge a new beginning for them for both?