Choose Better by Timothy Yen

Author: Timothy Yen

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Have you ever faced a challenge or decision that felt so overwhelming you had no idea where to start?Choose Better provides a systematic approach to solving any problem, no matter how difficult. Designed by Dr. Timothy Yen, this series of questions will lead you step-by-step out of that state of indecision and into vibrant, confident action.In times of stress, it’s easy to feel impossibly stuck. Not to mention isolated and alone. Developed across hundreds of individual case studies and thousands of clinical hours, Choose Better can help you find your best path forward no matter what life throws at you. Identify your deepest motivations, clarify your values, understand the needs of others, and work through any resistance to make transformational, life-affirming decisions—even under the greatest adversity.Stop leaving your happiness and well-being to chance. Improve your relationships, at work and at home, while remaining true to your authentic self. Learn how to make the right decisions every time—with vision, clarity, and direction—and start claiming your best life.