Chloe the Calm in The Bedtime Blues by Julie Anne Penn

Author: Julie Anne Penn, Darren Penn, Sergio De Giorgi

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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**From the best-selling Team Supercrew Series**
I'm so mad! I don’t want to go to bed! I'm not tired! Sound familiar? Chloe the Calm is here to help!
Meet Miko. She is definitely not tired, and there’s just no way she’s going to go to bed. All of her friends are staying up late, and she has too many things she needs to do.She’s going to miss out on EVERYTHING! Team Supercrew’s Chloe the Calm arrives just in time. Will Miko ever get to bed? And what about the ballet recital?
Team Supercrew’s Chloe the Calm reminds kids that they have the power to be CALM inside of them whenever they need it!
Chloe the Calm is there to remind Miko that the worst-case fears are okay, and that she has the power to change these thoughts. She has the power to be CALM, and it just might be closer to find than she thinks.
Tools and tips for parents, teachers, and kids!
The Team Supercrew Book Series is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a social-emotional therapy that focuses on the ways that our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected. Our thoughts create our feelings! When we develop the tools to change our negative thoughts, we learn how to regulate our emotions in a positive way.
Team Supercrew helps children recognize big feelings and have the tools to regulate emotions in a positive way!
The Team Supercrew heroes, Benny the Brave, Keisha the Kind, Chloe the Calm, and Gen the Grit, bring these tools to children and families in a fun, engaging, and unexpected way.
There’s a hero in all of us. Team Supercrew. Be Extraordinary.