Author: S.C. Jensen

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Deal starts: January 01, 1970

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She didn't ask for this...
Now, there's no going back. Bubbles Marlowe prefers to stick to the shadows.

But when one of her cases blows up in the media, the private eye is thrust into the public eye.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Her best friend is on the run for her life and she needs Bubbles’ help.

Now the wrong kind of people are sitting up and taking notice... And the clock is ticking.

The friends will do anything it takes to get out of HoloCity. Even if it means leaving the planet.


Can Bubbles survive her newfound stardom long enough to save her best friend?

Or is HoloCity going to chew them up and spit them out? If you love fast-paced sci-fi action and larger than life characters, you’ll love Chew ‘Em Up because it’s got mystery, high-stakes thrills, and lots of laughs. Bubbles in Space is an action-packed, glitter fueled, sci-fi adventure series with cyberpunk flair.

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