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Discover 8 Easy, Time-Tested Ways to Conquer your Friends in Chess!Join the Chess book revolution! No notation. No complex terminology.?FREE eBook Download inside?Your dad taught you how to play Chess, but he didn’t teach you much. You already know how to checkmate and move the pieces, but let’s face it, your friends and family still beat you more than you’d like. You don't just want to play. You want to win and possibly CONQUER ALL YOUR FRIENDS! You sly dog! I know the feeling and I’m here to help. My name is Maxen R. Tarafa and I’m a skill artist. In a few short months, I went from a struggling post-beginner to an adept intermediate player and doubled my Chess ability by teaching myself. In this book, I show you how you can double, even triple, your Chess ability like I did, but faster. But I’m going to tell you right now. My method is rather controversial. You see, most chess “experts” bombard you with complex Chess notation (QxB6?) and expect you to read complex Chess terminology. I don’t do that. I’ll give you a cheat sheet of what you NEED to remember, and you’ll be off to the Chess boards and capturing Queens like it’s nobody’s business. In this book, you learn:How to play your first 10 moves so YOU control the game (Chess Openings)How to use 3 techniques (or Chess tactics) like bringing light sabers to a knife fight How to identify one weakness, if you simply recognize it, you can win in one move How to cut your training time in ½. Know what to study and apply brainhacking techniques. How to avoid common beginner mistakes with time-tested Chess strategyWhere to find FREE Chess websites, apps, videos, and technology to double your skillsHow to use the one principle I taught to Eduardo that took him from losing miserably to unbeatableHow to “bend” the Chess rules with little-known special moves (it’s not cheating!)And moreI taught a 9-year-old these principles and a week later he was beating 17-year-olds. Anyone, even you, can learn how to double your Chess ability by learning a few easy principles. You’ll even learn how to speed your decision-making and play speed chess. If you’re looking for quick and easy Chess instruction to double your skills, but don’t want to learn complex terminology and notation, this book is for you!Don’t let your friend, brother, dad, or roommate beat you again!Join the casual Chess revolution! plain-English Chess instruction for casual players, post-beginners, and people who want to learn fast! ?Now Available in paperback! To buy paperback, scroll up and click the Paperback link (by the cover image)?