Author: James Flynn

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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'Flynn uses vital scientific knowledge to serve as jigsaw pieces, to one massive puzzle which, holds the potential to destroy lives…it won’t be surprising to see one of the Luke Temple novels on-screen. - Naija Living Magazine

'Chasing the Dawn has your classic thriller themes of corruption, anticipation, plot twists, cliff hangers and without giving too much away, a shocking ending. James Flynn has written a fun, high octane, and at times brutal, thriller.' - Mojo Mums

'I was not disappointed by all the twists and turns of the story. I was pleased to discover that I got some of them right and some of them wrong. It really keeps you in suspense.' - What's Good To Do Magazine

Teramo, Italy; A world renown physicist goes missing from the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. He is responsible for heading up a cutting edge experiment known as OPERA, a joint venture with CERN that is shrouded in mystery.

Luke Temple does not officially exist, he works for a covert intelligence organisation known only as Group 9. He is dispatched to Italy to carry out a routine operation; investigate the sudden disappearance of Professor Ernesto Vittorio. The operation appears standard, an easy task for a man of Temple’s ability. But in the dark world he inhabits nothing is ever as it seems, and he soon discovers that the disappearance of the professor is part of a much darker threat.

This time Temple will need every bit of strength and skill he possesses to stop a threat so powerful it could alter the entire world as we know it….