Charmed to Death by Gretchen Galway

Author: Gretchen Galway

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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On the eve of the winter solstice, reckless witches invite demons into the enchanted town of Silverpool. Can Alma find a human murderer amid the magical mayhem?Alma is a witch with an Incurable Inability to kill. That can be inconvenient in a world of demons, Shadow magic, and murder. Luckily, Alma has discovered she has unusual, remarkable talents of her own. And they’re getting stronger.

When her quiet town is inundated with witch tourists looking for demon thrills on the winter solstice, Alma is compelled to act. Using her gifts of fairy sight and shape-shifting, she helps Raynor, the new Protector, hunt down magical trouble.

But then a witch turns up dead—not at the hand of a demon, but a human being.

Soon after, there’s another body.

Can Alma find the murderer in the mayhem—or will she be the next victim?
Amazon reviews of the first book in the Sonoma Witches series, Dead Witch on a Bridge:"Galway always delivers and this is no exception."
"Captivating world building and a great story."
"The perfect Mystery."
"The book had a smart, spunky heroine with more magical ability than she knows... I’m hooked...!"
"Alma's a very likable, accessible protagonist, and this magical version of Sonoma is so fun to delve into. Recommended for pretty much any reader!"