Author: Ebony Todd, Shinia Lambert

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Are you a mother who aspires to become an entrepreneur or has recently stepped out on faith and opened a business?

In their new release, CapitalMoms: A Firm Foundation for All Seasons of Mompreneurship, Lambert and Todd provide practical, legal, and spiritual guidance in helping moms start their own business. Knowing that no entrepreneur should have to go at it alone, the authors, who are entrepreneurs and moms as well, provide readers with the support they need—which comes in the form of edification, empowerment, and education. Lambert and Todd encourage would-be “mompreneurs” that their God-given gifts are the place to start when building a profitable business.

The authors share, “As a mother and provider, deciding to become an entrepreneur can be intimidating, but in this book, you will find everything you need to start and grow your business. Like a manual or the Bible, this resource is designed to be read over time and consulted in different seasons. We are confident that with this book, you’ll be equipped to be the CapitalMom who thrives in every season of entrepreneurship.”

In this practical, faith-based guide through the seasons of entrepreneurship, moms will learn how to:

Allow faith to influence their decisions about their “why,” partnership, delegation, social impact, policies, and moreLay a solid foundation for their business goals to thriveMaintain, manage, and grow their business in the face of the unexpected, fear, and oppositionIdentify various business law matters related to entrepreneurship

Shinia Lambert and Ebony Todd use their experiences as business attorneys, mothers, and successful business owners (of multiple businesses) to support other mother entrepreneurs! Shinia is a mother, attorney, entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster, Bible study teacher, and transformative content creator. She is managing partner (with Ebony) of the award-winning law firm Jackson Todd & Lambert, PLLC, and host of the podcast “Rooted: Real People, Real Issues, Real Growth.” Ebony is a mother of three, wife of an Army officer, attorney, veteran, award- winning public servant, associate municipal court judge, entrepreneur, and radio host of “Closing Statements with Ebony.” Their combined knowledge, skills, and mutual support have led them to extend the same to entrepreneurs everywhere.

This inspiring, witty, and detail-oriented book will help moms of all ages not just to start a successful business but also to use their God-given gifts and talents to fulfill a greater purpose and mission in life.