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Discover the ancient art of food preservation and learn how you can tap into the miracle of fermentation!

Have you always wanted to dive into the world of food preservation, but you never knew where to begin? Are you looking for a simple, comprehensive, and up-to-date guide to canning? Or do you want to learn how to harness the power of fermentation to create delicious jam, jelly, sauces, cheese and more? Then this book is for you!

Drawing on a mix of simple techniques and common-sense advice, this practical guide to canning and food preservation arms you with the must-know methods you need to start preserving a wide range of food – so you can prepare for the future. Whether you’re interested in disaster preparedness, homesteading, or if you just want to keep an emergency store in the cupboard, Canning and Preserving Food offers you a wealth of cheap, simple techniques to preserve a variety of fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, and so much more!

With a detailed look at the world of pressure canning, fermenting foods, water baths, and plenty of cost-effective food preservation techniques, this book uses step-by-step instructions so that even a complete beginner learn how to effortlessly preserve food and tap into the benefits of this useful skill. Plus, you’ll also find an incredible 100+ delicious recipe ideas inside – including jam, jelly, salsa, soup, cheese, yogurt and so much more!