Burying Ben by Ellen Kirschman

Author: Ellen Kirschman

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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GUESS WHO EVERYONE’S BLAMING?"Riveting, compelling and authentic! Ellen Kirschman's been-there done-that experience makes this a real standout." —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Mary Higgins Clark award winner

A floundering, sensitive young rookie cop steps into her office. She tries to help him, but after a few sessions he commits suicide.Not a good look for a psychologist with a new job.Needless to say, Dr. Dot Meyerhoff, newly minted police psychologist, is not only sad, she’s mortified. She’s already discovered counseling cops isn’t easy — that they’re uncommunicative men contemptuous of therapy.But she didn’t expect to fail quite this badly.Freshly divorced and in need of cash, she took the job even though she wasn’t quite prepared for it — especially for the irascible police chief, and the lack of respect throughout the department. Now she’s in danger of losing both the job and her license.Because when a client commits suicide, people tend to blame the therapist. Including Dot herself. She’s beating herself up because she didn’t prevent it. But could she have?She’s desperate to find out, and her quest takes her all over the small California town in which she finds herself. Luckily for the reader, sordid secrets spill out of closets in every neighborhood she visits.For readers, Dot’s unconventional investigation strikes a balance between the intrigue of a page turner and the empathy of a satisfying talk with a beloved friend.Best selling author Shane Gericke said, "…. a heroine you'd want as a friend, and a tale so gripping it will keep you up at night.… cop fiction with soul."

Fans of Jonathan Kellerman will empathize with Dot’s plight, as well as devotees of Stephen White, Val McDermid, and Abigail Padgett— in fact, anyone who enjoys looking inside the minds of psychologists, as well as those who are looking for a good old-fashioned traditional mystery will love this low-key, thoughtful series.

"A deftly crafted novel of compelling complexity…an absorbing read. Burying Ben is an inherently absorbing read from beginning to end and marks author Ellen Kirschman as a novelist of exceptional storytelling talent.”—Midwest Book Review
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