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?Do you want to enjoy healthy and fast dinner meals with just five ingredients??Look no further because you are in the right place! Realistically speaking, dining out every other day or relying on processed meals is not healthy. This reliance costs us not only our health but also a great sum of money. Today, home-cooked food with organic ingredients is encouraged to be consumed.However, it is hard to find time to always be in the kitchen, especially after a long day at work and running errands. Luckily, help is here! Inside this budget-friendly 5-ingredient cookbook for two, readers will find 100+ fast and fabulous recipes, each recipe containing five ingredients or less. It’s never been easier (or tastier) for home cooks to whip up dinner whilst saving time and cutting down the grocery bill!Save time and money with the book "Budget-friendly 5-ingredient cookbook for two". The cookbook includes: 100+ effortless recipes: Breakfasts, stews, desserts, and more… choose from a variety of 5-ingredient, slow cooker recipes that take 15-minutes or less to prepare.Great-tasting whole food recipes, complete with detailed nutrition information that will help you to keep your home cooking healthy.Tips and tricks: Reduce cooking times and costs with ideas/recipes on how to make your own spices, buying food items in bulk, and minimizing food waste.....and so much more!Discover how simple home-cooked dinners can be with The Easy 5-Ingredient Cookbook.Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now! ----------------------------------------------?Please note: The book is available in 3 formats:Kindle EditionPaperback - Black & White EditionPaperback - Full Color