Author: Papa Moose

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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If he wants to save his friends, he’ll have to put down the dessert. Can a curious critter learn willpower before everyone’s house floods?
Bucky the beaver is one of the best construction workers around. And with a crucial dam project underway, the town is relying on his skills to keep their homes safe. But when a crate of candy flows right up to his door, he can’t resist the temptation.

Unable to focus on anything but the yummy delights, Bucky refuses to let his closest friend intervene. But with the rainy season on the horizon and a lot of treats left to eat, Bucky’s addiction could put his whole community in danger.

Will this confection-loving critter kick his habit in time to finish the dam?

Bucky the Sweet-Toothed Beaver is a charming children’s picture book. If you or your child like hilarious romps, breathtaking art, and wholesome messages, then you’ll love Papa Moose’s heartwarming tale.

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