Author: Daniel Wrinn

Category: General Nonfiction

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“A masterfully told story of triumph and redemption in a powerfully drawn survival epic.” – Reviewer

Hero WWI Fighter Pilot Shot Down and Captured.

With an engaging and authentic retelling of his experiences as an escaped prisoner of war, this gripping account details the life and struggles of a captured pilot in 1917 war-torn Europe.

Lieutenant John Ryan couldn’t wait to see action in WWI. He joined up with the British colors out of Canada. As one of several American pilots in the Royal Flying Corps before the US joined the war, he earned his wings and became an Ace through fierce air battles over the skies of Germany.

After getting shot down twice behind enemy lines, Lieutenant Ryan recounts the trials, tragedies, and tribulations of 72 days on the run behind enemy lines. These events are so incredible, you don’t dare take your eyes off the page.

If you like authentic accounts of astonishing stories set in World War One, then you won’t want to miss Broken Wings: WWI Fighter Ace’s Story of Escape and Survival.