Author: C.R. Stewart

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Behind the cruel walls of Weatherly Orphanage……a rumor spreads and it meant one thing.Tom and Sarah must escape.He's spent the majority of his life locked up and slaving away with the other kids. They all had one thing in common, their parents were gone. When Tom learned that his might still be alive, he must find them.Getting out won’t be easy.The caretaker, Mr. Speckle and his watchdog, Wind, have keen eyes and don’t tolerate anything. Nobody has ever escaped. Tom and his best friend Sarah needed a plan.The risks were frightening.Will they survive?You’ll love this wonderful adventure, because the chase is on and the real secret just might save them.Get it now.Parents' Choice Gold Medal Award"A far-flung adventure story... Stewart writes in clear, descriptive prose and integrates alluring and novel details... an effect that offers an element of timelessness to the storytelling." - The Booklife Prize