Author: Travis Chustz

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Have you had to go out and search for the family that is right for you?

Or Are you currently stuck in your family situation?

Have you ever felt like a parent, but don’t have children?

Have you been surrounded by many material things but never felt wealthy?

Or Never had a lot of money and felt worthless?

Do today’s beauty standards make you feel you don’t measure up?

Is the quest for perfection affecting your mental health?

Current definitions to the most powerful words that are used in society are stuck in the past and have not evolved to reflect how things are today. Millions of you have been left out because of these archaic definitions.

I have redefined the following words to include you:

Family Parent Wealth Perfect

In Boxed In, you will no longer need to feel like an outsider but someone who is included.The best thing about it is that you have the power to create this for yourself. Through storiesthere is a roadmap that will show you the way. So not only will you feel included, but you willfeel empowered.

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