Borrowing Kisses by Kat Bellemore

Author: Kat Bellemore

Category: Romance Books

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He’s a real estate developer who has a job to do. She’s the one who is going to stop him.As the mayor’s assistant, Zoe Flores has had a front row seat to how quickly the small town of Amor has changed. So when she’s assigned to help real estate developer Stephen McAllister replace several local businesses with high-class stores, she plots to save Amor and drive Stephen out of town.When Stephen shows up in Amor, the only thing he wants to do is buy out the properties on his list, then get out—all before the local residents realize what he’s up to. He didn’t plan on the mayor assigning his beautiful, and feisty, assistant as his liaison. Now he’ll be lucky to get anything done with her thwarting his every move.Stephen and Zoe try to fight their growing attraction to each other, but can they put aside their differences long enough to give love a fighting chance?Borrowing Kisses is the fifth book in the Borrowing Amor small-town romance series. If you like irresistible flirting, you’ll love this charming romance.Grab Borrowing Kisses today and discover that opposites really do attract!