Author: Kouki Okumura

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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COVER DESIGN : filo seisakushoOVER 90?EXERCISES WITH PHOTOThe weight training way that uses one's weight as a load is the "Bodyweight Training".It is widely known and performed under names such as “Calisthenics”, “Body Weight”, and “Street Workout”.There are many books published on the theme of “bodyweight training” in Japan and the books are often treated as “easy weight training for beginners”.However, the “Bodyweight Training” is not a weight training technique for beginners.If you resist gravity and perfectly control your full body, you use your body as weight.If you challenge yourself with difficult exercises, the operability of your body improves.By doing Set & Reps (the set that is so intense, it causes nausea), you can get a broad chest, V-Taper back, capped shoulder, and six pack abs.This is the "Bodyweight Training". In this book, I would like to tell you the essence of the "Bodyweight Training"I hope that this book will help readers build their bodies and improve their health by touching the essence of the "Bodyweight Training".