Author: Charles Dougherty

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A Serial Killer, Sex Traffickers, and Mercenaries in the CaribbeanA serial killer is roaming from Florida to the Eastern Caribbean. His victims are women who hitchhike on his sailing yacht. Picking up Dani Berger was his first mistake. After he leaves her for dead, Dani is found by human traffickers, who have their own plans for her.Hitchhiking on sailing yachts in the islands is dangerous, but not as dangerous as the people sent to rescue Dani. J.-P. Berger, her father, is a French arms dealer from Martinique. Two of his friends leave a trail of mayhem in their wake as they track down the people who are holding Dani.

Bluewater Killer is perfect for fans of action / adventure stories set on sailing vessels in the tropics.

Bluewater Killer is the first novel in the Bluewater Thriller series. Dani Berger emerges as the tough, self-reliant protagonist in the series. By the end of Bluewater Killer, she's angry and determined to get even. Bluewater Killer is the story of her rescue and the beginning of her quest for vengeance. Bluewater Vengeance and Bluewater Voodoo complete the trilogy that begins the series.